Welcome to visit our exhibition tent in the Roadracing parking depot, that contain
mostly racing motorcycles from the museum Motorcycle Collection in Sollentuna.

TFAmotorThis year, one of the highlights being the TFA racer. The building had an advanced V-twin engine of 125 cc which  was constructed by Folke Mannerstedt. The project was started in collaboration with the magazine Technology For All (hence the name TFA) and the motorcyclist to ride it was the popular “Little-Orsa” Bohlin. The project got much attention in the 50s but because of insufficient resources and therefore a lack of development work, it ended up in “mothballs”. Until now! Thanks to MC Collection, which has put great effort to get the TFA engine running, we might not only be able to look at the TFA racer, but also experience a startup (if luck is with us).

Litocross med Ex-cammotorAnother example is a Lithographic motocross with glued frame and Ex cam engine, which also had Folke Mannerstedt as constructor. The Lithographic motocross was a huge success at the Earls Court exhibition in London, 1966. These two, and several other exclusive racer rarities from the MC Collection will be displayed in the exhibition tent which is located in the Roadracing parking depot.


The exhibition tent will also share interesting books about racing of yesteryear. Take the chance to meet writers such as RR riders; Ingemar Bengtsson, Leif Rosell and Bosse Granath with books that give us an insight into the ancient world of racing.
Also present are Dane Glantz, who wrote down the story of the Swedish Husqvarna motorcycle manufacturing and Rickard Bruzelius with the book about Swedish Grand Prix (Skåne race). A great photo book from the MC-Collection will also be displayed.