Practicalities & Schedule

The 50Årsracet is a big event and it uses almost every corner of the vast Linköpings motor arena. If you vant to see everything from roadracing to enduro, be prepared! It is almost a good 20 minutes walk from the entrance to the motocross and enduro race tracks.

Food and drink vill be readily served at a number of places and restrooms will be available within a short distance.

Kids are more than welcome but remember that vintage bikes are noisy. Wear proper  protection and remember, they must be supervised at all times. Minibikes are strictly forbidden!

Car parking will be provided out side the arena. It is about a 5 minutes brisk walk to the road racing circuit. If you have a problem in walking that distance, it is possible to have a friend or relative  to drive you in to the arena but they must return and park the car at the parking lot.

If you arrive on a motorcycle, you are welcome to park on a dedicated parking lot for bikes only close to the racetrack. First come first served. If you arrive around noon saturday, it might be full!

Schedule (preliminary)

Friday 13 – 17: RR practice & parade, food and entertainment.

Saturday 9 – 17: Racing and parade, exhibition, food and entertainment.

Sunday: 9 – 16: Racing and parade, exhibition.