Important information!

Requirement for international FIM license for drivers how come from abroad into Sweden for participation in the 53-Year Race Classic Trial.

During the latest FIM meeting a decision was taken to permit an exception regarding the requirement for international FIM license for driver from the Nordic Countries for participation in the 53-Year race and some other races.

No concrete information regarding exceptions from the requirement for drivers from Germany, Holland Belgium England has been received. If there is drivers where their federation don’t help them or don’t give out the FIM international license to them, their ordinary race license will be accepted for participation the 53-Year Race.

For those drivers it’s a compulsory requirement that the license has a personal accident insurance, or that a separate personal accident insurance valid for Trial competition can be shown at the entry on site in Linköping. In both cases shall also the insurance ensure ambulance transport back to respectively home address.

Pending on the license issue we will not charge any late entry fee this year, however the starting list will be sent to print shortly thereafter.

Note!!  Linköpings MS as a club have no possibilities to run license issue against other federation or FIM regulation.